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We’re all probably more familiar than we wish to be with London fashion week, being as it tends to take over all of the trending hashtags on social media for several weeks either side of the event. However, lesser known but much more relevant to Team Goth is alternative fashion week, which runs annually in London’s Spitalfields and allows non-mainstream designers and up and coming fashionistas to showcase their work for free.

Held over the course of seven days with fifteen shows per day, alt fashion week this year took place in mid-march, and the event’s official website shares a selection of showcases from the designers that took part, as well as inviting would-be designers to apply for a spot on the website, and a chance to show their designs at next year’s show.

So, minions, what caught my eye at alt fashion week this year? Here are some of my favourite collections from the showcase.

Gwendolen and the Posta Di Donna


Gwendolen and the Posta Di Donna is inspired by historical European armour, female warriors and the fusion of femininity and strength. With a wonderful range of tactile fabrics including velvet, silk and chiffon, both the styles and the fabric palate were among my faves at the show.

Bioluminescent Organisms 2015


Bioluminescent Organisms 2015 strongly appeals to my sensibilities, consisting of a collection based around bioluminescent colours and the ocean’s depths. Fabulously rich and bright shades showcased against a dark background to really make them pop ensured that this show was one of the most visually appealing collections of the event.

Body Canvas 2015


Body Canvas is a womenswear collection that uses the body’s canvas as inspiration, consisting of a fashion interpretation of veins, tattoos, skin and other mediums to produce the illusion of preserved skin worn as a garment! No humans were harmed in the making of this collection, which was comprised of materials such as knitted lace, embroidery and hand-painted latex.

Enslave and Restrict


Enslave and Restrict is an interesting concept, with the designer taking inspiration from the transatlantic slave trade and the idea of being enslaved and then freed, interpreted in fabrics such as leather and chiffon. A smooth grey palette and feminine pastels provide a counterbalance to this controversial and hard to approach theme, which was widely reviewed as ground breaking by the media that covered the collection.

Another Phantom


Another Phantom is about the forgotten souls and hidden beauty in the world, exploring the fusion between beauty and sensuality with golden masks and chiffon brocade. Rich, dark and intriguing, this is one of my favourite looks from the website’s showcase, but one that I somehow managed to miss at the show itself!

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