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Whilst I self-identify as a Goth, or to be more precise, hippy-Goth, and have done since I was about 15, there are a reasonable amount of things wot I do likes that can fairly be described as not even a little bit Goth. At all. Obvs, every Gothling has their own anomalous tastes and possibly, dark and dubious musical favourites, so I thought it might be fun to share a few of mine, and try to coax some of you, my minions to do the same.

Go on, no judgement from me! Also, check out The Count’s Un-Goth Confessions, and this Reddit thread on the same topic.

Dance pop

Yes yes, y’all, I likes me some dance music. And I’m not talking about socially acceptable dance music like trance or anything cool, but genuine dance pop cheese from the 90’s. But no later, because I do have some standards.

Case in point:

 Sparkly things

I like sequins and glitter. There, I said it. I think that there is a place for bling, but generally, on my clothes is not it, with the possible exception of black shiny beading to trim a collar or cuff.

Again with the standards though, rhinestones can GTFO-but show me a sparkly hair clip or necklace, and I’ll be all over that shit like diarrhoea on a blanket.


Pastel décor

My boat’s bedroom is a pale purple-pink, and my saloon (boat-speak for lounge, innit) is willow green. My curtains are purple satin, and my kitchen knives and accessories are all pastel shades.

In my defence, it is a small boat, and its previous dark varnished wood interior looked not only hugely dated, but also dark and dingy, even to me.

Lighter make-up

I love love love the eye drama, a good cat’s eye, and deep red or purple lipstick. But I also on occasion like to go light, with a tinted lip and neutral eyes, or pinky purple pastel nails and accessories. I draw the line at pale coloured clothes though, da fuq do you think I am, you animals?

Alcopops and other kiddy drinks

I am a big fan of real ales, vodka and other grown-up drinks, but if I’m out clubbing, you may well catch me in the act of drinking something sugary, pink and bottled. I can get mortal on the orange WKD, and I’m not adverse to the odd Smirnoff Ice either.


Geordie Shore

I don’t really have a defence for this one, tbh. I just think it’s hilariously funny. I also find it hilariously funny that naysayers frown and bad-name the female cast members, because they act just like the menfolk.

You go, Geordie girls, you do you.


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