OMG WTF it’s Christmas


I suppose I’d better take my Halloween decs down now, being as I’ve dragged it out as long as I possibly can and the season of heady commercialism and overindulgence is right on top of us. Whilst I am knocking the whole dog and pony show that is Christmas on a wider level, I am obviously totally going to sell out in reality, as I’ll be taking a week off and going to spend the holiday period with my ‘rents, where there will be much alcohol, food and other good things waiting for me.

So, merry Christmas Gothlings, let’s talk presents.

I am hoping (probably in vain) that a pair of eight hole shiny purple DM’s will be under the tree for me this year, and many of the other goodies that I am lusting after have a purple theme too. Yes, I have really committed to my new purple hair look, and intend to get in it for the long haul.

I have also asked for a fabulous purplish nail polish called “We’ll never be royals,” which is a tri-chrome gloss polish-this means apparently that it will change shade between several different colours due to some kind of shellac witchcraft that I don’t fully understand-but oh look, SHINY.


Check out one blogger’s review of all of the colours in the range here.

I’m also going to be wanting this brand new tasselled Iron Fist handbag, which is not a style of bag I’d normally go for, but as soon as it came into stock it set my radar pinging.

IFNALH-2Gifts for others

If you’re still looking for inspiration on gifts to get or ask for from your minions without breaking the bank, you’ll never go far wrong with cool socks, leggings or tights.

Check out these over the knee skull socks for £6.95:


Everyone should have a few pairs of these.

And if you really want to impress this year and you’re not too hard up, this gorgeous New Rock bag/tablet case is beautifully made of real leather with amazing detailing.


Homemade gifts are always worth a whirl too, if you have the time and skills to make them. Last year I made chutney from tomatoes and the like that I had grown on the roof of my boat-they went down well, but the whole process was just too labour intensive (hard work) for me to bother going through all that rigmarole again this year.


However, not to be deterred, back in June when I learned to knit, I decided I’d knit scarves for my gifts this year, which seemed like a grand idea back in the summer. However, the 1st of December rolled around, and it suddenly dawned on me that I was cutting things a bit fine… So I dropped £50 or so on wool, and am now knitting like a demon.


Hey! I made a flying spaghetti monster!

What do you want for Christmas? Tell me in the comments.

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