We are all one step closer to becoming actual unicorns, minions

Fellow unicorns! I bring you glad tidings of great things. We are all one step closer to our eventual evolution into mystical horned wonderbeasts-thanks to an amazing new makeup invention in the form of a powder highlighter.


So, this miraculous new product is made by a small, indie makeup brand called Bitter Lace, which was previously available to buy in small quantities via Etsy. However, said seller got caught with her pants down somewhat, overwhelmed with the sheer volume of humans who wish to go the route of the mystical, and now, said product is on a 7-8 month backorder due to the sheer volume of demand.


Naturally, a metric fucktonne of other small indie brands have stepped up to the plate to produce their own varieties of rainbow highlighter (and frankly, I am surprised that none of the big corporate brands have yet to hijack this obvious money spinner) and while on the one hand this makes me a bit growly because they’re totally just copying the original genius who made this, I’ve got over that a bit because SEVEN TO EIGHT MONTHS BITCHES, I WANT IT NOW.


So anyway, Ebay, Etsy etc. are now chocka with sellers producing their own variants of the Bitter Lace Prism highlighter, and some of them ain’t cheap-actual originals of the Bitter Lace one have been changing hands for north of £200 a throw.

I ordered the only one I could find on Etsy that ships from the UK, this pastel mineral rainbow highlighter by Phee’s Makeup Shop.


One thing to note when ordering this (or similar products from other sellers) is that they come exactly as pictured-in a shallow pan, with no lid, compact or other packaging. This means that you can’t carry them around with you unless you find some way to package it better yourself, and also, that they have to be kept flat.


So, how did I fare?

Well, as soon as I swiped my finger across the pan of rainbow stuff, it broke up and turned to a powder-it is not very well pressed, and so the colours all mixed quickly. I messaged the seller, who immediately replied with an apology and a promise to send out a replacement, so this was all good.

Even so, my finger got all rainbow and shiny, and swept along my arm, looked awesome.

On my face, I went a little heavy on the blue and looked like I’d been socked in the cheekbone, and by this time, the too-loose powder was too mangled to get anything else out of.

Still, as mentioned, the seller is sending me a replacement-but as far as purchases go, unless I learn of another viable pretender to the Bitter Lace throne, I will wait for the original to come back into stock. In 7-8 months.


Meanwhile, people have already started doing their own DIY versions… And the world has changed forever.

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