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As I have mentioned before, my gaming preferences are about as low-brow as they come, with my mastery of Angry Birds being an achievement that I keep wanting to put on my CV, and Plants vs. Zombies being my idea of the last word in technical gaming schizzle.

However, most of my other Goth mates play a lot of games either on their PC or via online, multiplayer platforms such as Xbox Live, and so I have shaken them down for their suggestions on the best online games with a Goth theme, feel or twist for you to enjoy.

 Silent Hill


Starting with an oldie but a goodie, Silent Hill is really solid in terms of its eerie theme and general ambience, or, as I decided after half an hour of watching my mate Brush Steve (don’t ask) play it, pants-shittingly terrifying. There are loads of different instalments of Silent Hill, which are all based in a Gothic-looking American town under a sky of permanent fog, where the laws of physics do not apply. Silent Hill can be purchased for various incarnations of the PlayStation, and for the Wii and Xbox 360.



Simply named “Gothic,” this is one of the longer running single player RPG games, which is particularly noted for its range of player choices and the depth of characterisation. Gothic launched in 2001 and no instalments or updates have been added since 2009, but you can still get a copy of the game online via this link.

 Second Life


Trying to explain Second Life in one paragraph is a bit of a stretch; basically, it is exactly whatever you want it to be. Second Life is a massive online role-play portal that allows players to assume a whole new online persona, and really commit to it as much or as little as they please. All sorts or subcultures both tangible and imaginary can be found on the site, including a healthy Goth following. Get started on Second Life’s Goth portal here.

 Shadow of Mordor


Shadow of Mordor is a LotR themed game that places you in the centre of the action, and a basic understanding of LotR lore will go a long way towards helping you with your gameplay. Available for a range of platforms including PC, Xbox and PlayStation, Shadow of Mordor benefits from excellent graphics and great in-game depth.

 Dark Souls


Dark Souls and Dark Souls II are available for the PC, Xbox and PlayStation, and is a RPG action game with a dark, twisty and very playable theme. The difficulty level rises as the game progresses, making it a challenge for even the most committed of gamers.

 Do you have a favourite dark or Gothy-themed game I should know about? Tell me.


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