The “Slender Man” girls are pleading not guilty

Cast your mind back through the annals of time to the June/July of 2014, and you might recall the whole shitshow that blew up all of a sudden over Creepypasta and Slender Man, in the wake of two then-twelve year old girls (allegedly) stabbing their similarly-aged “friend” nineteen times, later stating that they did this in an attempt to become “proxies of Slender Man.”


If none of this makes a lick of sense to you, you’re not alone, and while some of the above links, as well as my previous blog piece on the case may help to fill in the backstory a little, this attempted murder perpetrated by two previously unheard of schoolgirls has all the markings of a fictional horror film rather than a real-life court case, and yet the latter, rather than the former, it most certainly is.

So the last we heard of Morgan Geyser and Anissa Weier was back in the summer of 2014, when news of the attack and all of the weirdness surrounding it first made the news. Their “friend,” by the way, Payton Leutner, somehow managed to survive the attack.

The decision by the courts at the time of Geyser and Weier’s arrest was that the two would be tried as adults, a decision that was (and still remains) highly controversial, given the age of the girls, and the strong indications that their thought processes both preceding and after the attack itself were not the greatest indicators of two balanced, if young, minds.


The attorney representing the two accused took the case back to court in March, in an attempt to reverse the decision to have the girls tried as adults, instead asking for a trial via the juvenile courts system due to the age of the defendants and their questionable mental state. However, he ultimately failed in his endeavour, and as of August 10th, the original court’s decision has been upheld.

Both girls have entered a plea of “not guilty” regarding the attack, laying blame at the feet of each other. This is despite them both having previously stated that they had been planning the attack for months, and hoped that had they managed to successfully murder their victim, they would then have become “proxies” of Slender Man, and be permitted to “live in his (imaginary) mansion.”

It has not yet been revealed what form of defence the girls and their attorney will mount, and whether or not a plea of “not guilty by reason of insanity” will be thrown into the mix; however, it seems fairly clear now that both girls will indeed be tried as adults, which means that should they be convicted, they will each face a prison sentence of up to 65 years.

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