Spring inspiration for Goths

Spring is just around the corner, which is frankly terrifying me because it means that I’m going to have to face up to shaving my legs after my winter hibernation. In order to ease the pain a little, I’ve decided to use the impending warmer weather to pick out some of my favourite spring looks for Goths this year, and some of the clothes and accessories on my must-have look for Gothing in the spring and summer.

Goth in the office

For a smart, more formal Gothy look for the summer, you’ll be wanting something cool to wear and not so dark as to make you suck all the light from the sun, but still slightly edgy and Goth, obvs!

I’m loving this Iron Fist Peter Pan dress in black and grey with a colour pop of red in the belt:


Which is 100% cotton and so, will stay nice and cool. I also like the front zip, which means you can adjust your look from prim office casual to party just by showing off a little extra boobage!

Pair with these Pleaser Beau wedges for legs up to your armpits, which are not as leg-breaky as they look, due to the platform sole.

Goth in the park

For your afternoon beer gardening, cemetary wandering, or White Lightning on the grass in the park-ing, a more casual and easy to wear look is what you’ll be wanting. I’m currently feeling all of the feels for this Iron Fist Mystical Mushrooms top, which is relevant to my interests in many ways, some of which are class A illegal, because the law is an ass. J


This top is nice because it will work with jeans, leggings, a tutu, whatever-my favourite pairing is these skankles. Skanles though!? What does that even mean? Ok they’re basically black leggings with skulls on them.


Footwear-wise, these Demonia flip flops with a chunky wedge to please the shortarses continue the theme of subtle skulls, and again, are not going to be uncomfortably high to wear thanks to the wedge sole.


For your head

There are a metric fucktonne of good reasons to cover your head with something in the summer, from keeping cool to protecting your hair colour from fading, to retaining your carefully established winter paleness. A parasol is obviously the way to go, or a hat, if you’re a hat person-or, you could kill all of the relevant birds with one stone and just wig it out.



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