The stupidest Goth-hating websites and organisations


Whether you live at Goth Towers, 666 Goth Street Gothsville or are the only Goth in the village and all of the towns for miles around too, there is one thing that virtually all Goths have in common-having come across hate, bullshit and misinformation at some point that attempts to piss on your Goth parade but actually, achieves little other than making itself look stupid as all get out.

With this in mind, I have trawled the seedier haunts of the internet to deliberately dig up three of the stupidest websites and organisations that are dedicated to hating Goths, to share for the reader’s entertainment.

So, without further ado, check out my findings from the stupidest Goth-hating websites and organisations on the web.

The Westboro Baptist Church


You’ve heard of these dudes already. Better known for picketing the funerals of gay people and the military with hate slogans and general evil bullshit, Team Fred also believes that God Hates Goths, and they seem to pick up this mantle every now and then when not enough gay folk have died of late.

Fortunately, they have zero credibility, and trolling them is a pure art form all of its own.

Jesus is Saviour

Funnily enough, most of the Goth-hating collective pin their colours to the God mast, although I strongly suspect that their imaginary friend wants absolutely fuck all to do with them. Enter the Jesus is Saviour website, which opens with the catchy header of “Goth Death Culture Will Destroy Your Teen,” and believe me, it is all downhill from there.


Assuming this pic they use is a stock photo.

Spirit Daily

This monumental collective of anal douches don’t fuck about when talking smack about the Goths-they actually directly correlate the awful Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting with Goth culture, blaming it on the evil of the Goth Darkness. Like, not even metaphorically-they outright say it.

This one actually stopped amusing me fairly quickly, but I’m not sure why I was surprised by their pitch. At the end of the day, there is nothing that can likely be done to get bullshit like this removed, but presumably you’d have to have been dropped on your head a few times to actually suck this shit in and believe it.


Dealing with hate when it is in your face like this can be complicated. I believe that there is not much benefit in spending a lot of effort trying to talk to people like this-they stopped listening, if they even had the power of independent thought in the first place some time ago, or were so primed by their upbringings that they don’t understand the value of critical thinking.

At the end of the day, just being a good person should be enough-and for most people who aren’t fucktards, it is.

Be excellent to each other, try to help others, and where you can, work to correct the misapprehensions of people who are still open enough to listen.

Peace out, y’all.

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A reader comment

  • I looked at Jesus is Saviour, and the bands they mentioned weren’t even goth…

    These orginisations so close-minded.

    Also, Jesus is Saviour said “Goth is evil”, I am NOT evil, I listen to The Cure, get over it!

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