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One thing I really love about Gothesville is the fact that the look itself can be so androgynous, and both men and women commonly experiment with makeup, kit and styling that crosses society’s perceived gender boundaries. Dark nail varnish is de rigeur for both him and her, and no one is going to mock the Goth boys for carrying a man bag, and this is all good.


I loves me some good bag action, and so I have decided to dedicate this blog post to some of my current favourite Gothy bags, both those that you can buy, and basics that you can Goth up at home for your own unique look.

Here are some of my favourites.

Store-bought bags

This black rubber buckle barrel bag by Demonia is my current medium-sized favourite, and you’d be surprised how many small items you can fit into it.


Demonia again brings the noise if you’re after something a bit larger, with this unisex skull and crossbones messenger bag, which has plenty of room to hold an Ipad or tablet as well as all of your random stuffs.

Finally, for something small, funky and eye catching when you’re out clubbing, this unique and unusual fetish corset handbag with metal chains fits the bill. It is slim enough to carry comfortably, but also deep enough to hold all of your swag for a night out, and has an easy-access zip fastener.


Goth up your basic bags

If you want to put your own stamp on your bag or are just running a bit short on funds, you can Goth up an old, tired bag from your closet or buy a cheap basic satchel and really go to town.

Any type of old black messenger bag should be considered fair game for blinging up with accessories such as scarves, badges and pins, and you can sew on accessories like buttons and fabric patches with ease as well. Pinterest has loads of ideas for things to do, here and here.

Another option is to pick yourself up a cheap military-style satchel for just a few quid from your local army surplus store, get yourself a couple of black marker pens, and just graffiti the feck out of it, and encourage your friends to do the same! This look was my basic school bag for my mid teens, and I still have it now, because I can’t bear to part with it!


Even if you’re working with a plain black leather handbag that has seen better days, don’t consider it to be beyond hope; a skull of glued-on studs or a pair of googly eyes can transform even the most uncool of leather purses for a clever, home-made Goth look.


Knock yourself out!

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