Ten excellent things about Gothing in the winter

Halloween, yay! Start of winter, boo! Despite my preference for black clothes and lots of layers, I am not a massive fan of winter. As soon as it starts to get cold, I pretty much go into hibernation for the duration, and bemoan the rain/cold/slush at every opportunity. Stripy Tights and Dark Delights is not a fan either.

This often results in me being rather a grumpy little cherub during the colder months, and in an attempt to stave off my winter blues this year, I have decided to make a little list about the good things that winter brings for Goths.

Read on for my own favourites, and feel free to tell me about yours!

 1. Tights become socially acceptable again

If you’ve been on the receiving end of the hairy eyeball more than once for trying to drag your tights-wearing months out as long as possible, October and November probably come as a huge relief to you. Everyone else starts wearing tights too , so break out your stripes, you fashion-forward little maven.


 2. You can get a new hat

Winter is coming. Buy a new hat. N’uff said.


3. Those layers won’t wear themselves

One of the best feelings in the world is wearing layers in hot weather, so that the backs of your knees sweat-said no Goth ever. Hooray for winter, when you can layer yourself up to your dark little heart’s content, and will finally once more be season-appropriate about it.

260x202_1869d4. Everyone else is wearing black too

Black and muted colours can be seen much more in the winter, which means that everyone else will be wearing black too, and the shops will increase their offerings of black and other Goth-friendly clothing.

 5. Winter makeup gets darker

Makeup too tends to get more sombre and dark during the colder months, so swing by Boots to check out some of the latest winter fashion shades, which usually include a hefty dose of black cherry lipsticks and smoky eyeshadows.

 6. You don’t have to fight against tanning

Spend most of your summer slathered in sunscreen and/or cowering under a parasol? Out you come, little bat, out you come.


7. Hot alcohol happens

Mulled wine! Hot toddy! Warm cider! Saki! (Ok, so Saki happens all year round, but there’s no reason it can’t go on your winter shopping list too.)

8. It might snow

It might. You never know.


9. Your cats spend more time on your lap

Cats are about as happy in cold weather as Goths are in hot, and so your kitties are exponentially more likely to spend more time flumping about on the warmest seat in the house, and if you park your ass on it first, voila! Instant lap cat.

10. You have a wonderful excuse to never leave the house again

…Or at least, not until spring. Can’t be arsed to go to your work’s do? Sorry, the roads were too bad! Avoiding a party? Car wouldn’t start, d’oh! First sight of snow? Nope, can’t make it to work! Win.


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