Thinking of blogging? Tips for Goths

If you can string a sentence together and think you have something to say, then there is plenty of room out here on the internet for more good quality Goth bloggers.
If there’s something you want to share with a bigger audience than your circle of friends, want your opinions to be heard, or just want to talk about all things Goth on your own platform with your own rules, it ain’t hard to get started. Blogging doesn’t have to take up half of your life or follow a set pattern, so if you’re feeling creative and fancy giving it a whirl, knock yourself out. In this blog, I’ll give you a few tips on beginning life as a Goth blogger, and what works and doesn’t work when it comes to entertaining the internet Goth collective.
Where to blog
First of all, you will need to pick a blogging platform to write on, and there are a buttload of good, intuitive free blogging sites out there to get you started. Picking a format that you find easy to work with and like the look of is important, so try out a few sites like Blogger and WordPress to find the one that suits you, before you spend ages customising the look and feel of your blog.
What to blog about
What to blog about is the hardest question of all… And one that only you can answer!
There are no rules here, so you can simply use your blog as a kind of online diary of your life, or theme it to something specific, such as Goth fashion, current events, or whatever you like. Whatever you decide your blog will say or do, write a short summary of such for your profile and sidebar, so that your readers can see at a glance what you are all about.
How to get started
For your first post, introduce yourself and your blog to the world, talk about what made you want to start blogging, and generally segue yourself into blogging gradually until you find your feet and comfort level.
How to get followers
Cross-linking out to other blogs, cool websites, Twitter feeds and such will help to get you noticed, and if your content is interesting and entertaining, you will soon start to gather followers and get people linking back to you. Tell your friends about your blog, and consider supporting it with things
like a Twitter feed or Pinterest page to get new people into your audience. Linking back to other good Goth blogs, such as The Blogging Goth and Sophistique Noir may earn you a follow back, if your content is interesting!
Blogging tips
Remember that this is the internets, and anyone can see what you write! Decide from the get-go exactly what level of personal information you are willing to share online, in terms of your pictures, name and real-life details. Be speculative, and remember that while you can always edit your prior posts, once it’s out there, it’s out there.
Read the work of other Goth bloggers for ideas, inspiration and generally, to keep up with the competition!
Don’t plagiarise or copy other blogger’s work! This is not only very uncool, but also illegal. Always credit people whose images you share, ensure that you have permission to share them, and if you are quoting someone, always state this and link back to their own blog if possible.
Stripy Tights and Dark Delights has some more tips here, as does The Everyday Goth. (Both genuine links, and an example of what I am saying here!)
Keep your readers interested with pictures, vids and other things to break up your text.
Pictures of cats are always good.
Always proofread and edit your work before it goes live; shittacular spelling and grammar that makes a post hard to read will soon turn people off. Boy, I’ma look fecking stupid now if this post is full of typo’s, innit.

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