To Pierce or Not to Pierce?

That is the question…

Piercings can be great fun and can really set off your look, but they also may leave scars and have other disadvantages such as possibly going septic. Not quite as irretractable as tattoos, a well placed piercing or two may tickle your fancy if you want to go down the road of alternative styling, (or some may think not-so-alternative?)

I remember having an eyebrow ring done in 1995 (showing my age), when people would stop on the street and stare because they had never seen anything like it before. Since then, the weird and wonderful world of piercings has grown to encompass a huge range of piercing sites on the body, jewellery styles and piercing looks.

I don’t wear mine anymore – apart from the belly bar that sets of the enormous tattoo around my waist. The scars on my face do show but don’t bother me too much, though if I could rub them out I would. It swings and roundabouts! Please comment below if you have any unusual piercing stories or unusual piercings…

Some of the more eclectic piercing options available now must make even the most hardened fetishist wince a little. A piercing straight through the clitoris – as opposed to through the clitoral hood or labia – is a serious endeavour which must be done with huge care to avoid nerve damage. Other unusual sites include: superior fraenum – inside the top lip, brooch – on the chest, and third eye – between the eyes. Other more severe options include things such as transdermal implants, which give an effect like a metal Mohican over the head; satisfactory healing of these can be very difficult to achieve.

If you do want to get pierced, using a reputable piercer is vital. The British Body Piercing Association has a code of ethics, practices and procedures which are designed to enable safety and ensure a good outcome for piercing clients, so look for their certificates. Using a piercer who has done successful work on people you know can also be very helpful. After piercing, it is very important to follow instructions given by your piercer about looking after your new addition. As with everything, get informed, stay safe and enjoy!

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