TV with a heart of darkness: What shows are hot for Goths?

Don’t pretend that you’re too cool to watch TV or at least Netflix, we all need to get our fix somewhere, even me! It’s not hard to find bucket loads of “top ten” style lists of Goth films and movies, ranging from the classic to the modern, but not so much for the small screen.

If you’re looking for an interesting diversion to while away the evenings, you could do worse than check out some of my suggestions of TV shows that have a Gothic element to them, or styling, themes and plot devices that appeal to one’s inner darkness. I won’t go with the all too obvious Goth/vampire classics that have been around for decades, i.e., Buffy, American Gothic (the clue is in the name, no?) and True Blood, as you likely already know all of these already.

So, here’s ma’ list… Some of these may be obvious, but I reckon there might be one or two that you haven’t thought of too! Check out my picks.

Meanwhile, for your film-watching needs, check out Art Gothic’s list, or The Everyday Goth’s favourite Netflix classics.

Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones, also known as “everybody dies” has something for every type of Goth. Fey and fantastical plot devices, lots of killy killy stuff, emotional anguish, fabulous acting, oh, and some of the hottest looks you will see on the TV for both guys and gals.


Also, without wishing to be “that girl,” you should consider reading the books too; sorry. I was going to have to get that in there somewhere.

American Horror Story

American Horror Story consists of three separate seasons each with a totally new plot, theme and characters, but with a lot of crossover between the cast in each season. The first season, Murder House, is far from your typical haunted house tale, and will soon draw you in.

Season two, Asylum, is fabulous and dark in a very different way; For a taster, check out this YouTube grab of one of my favourite scenes:

Season three, Coven, features the fabulous Gabourey Sidibe among others, and like the first two seasons, retains the general dark feeling, intrigue and ethereal atmosphere without ever losing plausibility.


Because this looked like all of y’all’s school outings too, no?

Six Feet Under

Six Feet Under is a dark but also funny drama about the family of a funeral director who dies suddenly, leaving his reluctant family to take care of the family business. There’s a prodigal son, angst-y daughter, lots of morgue humour, and of course, the foot of a corpse was just going to get left in someone’s school locker at some point, wasn’t it.



Ah, good old Sam and Dean. The later seasons of this series have possibly passed their sell-by date, but if you haven’t watched any of the series, get started from the beginning. Darkness, angst, humour, special effects, lots of Goth looks… this one is a must-see.



Grimm is an American fantasy drama that centres on the life of an American cop who is also a “Grimm,” ie, one of a long line of warriors tasked with protecting humanity from the monsters that reside among us. It is intriguing, dark and funny, and has the added twist of having some of the “monsters” on the good guy’s side too.


Sleepy Hollow

Sleepy Hollow is a supernatural fantasy-drama based on The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, consisting of a modern re-telling of the tale. The first season is out now, and the second will air this autumn.


Some of these shows haven’t made it onto the UK’s TV screens yet, but they are all available either on DVD, Netflix or various (legal!) online viewing channels. Stripy Tights and Dark Delights also has a master-list of Goth shows to suit all ages that is also worth book marking, here.

What is your favourite Goth-related show? Pass the popcorn

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