What’s hot right now in fashion? You are!

As a Goth, you are probably used to looking a little out of place out on the street, and are generally used to not being classed as what the mainstream likes to consider fashionable. Many of us actively enjoy this deliciously different twist on the norm, and the quiet sense of satisfaction that comes from never being in fashion but instead having our own unique sense of individuality and style.
Well I’m afraid I’ve got news for you pal; Goth is currently cool. Yep.
If, like me, you’re not a one to follow the likes of Cosmopolitan (seriously, who needs this many sex tips?), this might come as something of a shock to you, but nevertheless, it has filtered through even into my happy little denial bubble that there is more Goth per head on the streets these days than there used to be.

Does your high street look like this yet?
So, like, congrats! We’re currently in fashion. Well I suppose even a stopped clock is right twice a day, and our time will pass. However, in the meantime, the “fall” (autumn) runways are apparently full of Goth styling, as I recently read on the Fashion Times website. Now there’s a line I never imagined myself typing. And that’s not just one little glitch in the matrix, XO Jane is saying the same thing.
So, hopefully you won’t succumb to the dubious appeals of Asos and other sparkly fashion retailers, but with every designer worth their tape measure going the Goth route this year, it does at least mean that there is no shortage of styles, new pieces and looks to choose from. Take the opportunity to update your wardrobe a bit with my pick of four cool Goth favourites, which are currently very fashion-forward. Or something.
Believe it or not, Google Images returned this as the third result for “fashion forward.” We are DOOMED!
This Hell Bunny biker dress will ensure that you look the part come the autumn, and is different enough that it doesn’t fall under the type of styling that the fluffies are likely to go after when they decide to get their Goth on for a month or two. Best worn with these Iron Fist Sugar Hiccup killer heels for a night look, or in case it is important to you that your shoes can also double as a shiv.
Alternatively, show the fluffies that you really mean business with these Demonia shit kickers, or you know, get a pair of each because you can never have too much footwear.
This black velvet Spin Doctor “Rodin” coat tops off any dress and footwear pairing, and is good for all seasons and made to last too.
Cannot pull the pics of these pieces from the site- can you do this?
If you’re after some more inspiration as well as some really cool home-done looks if you are of the crafty persuasion, there are a few Goth blogs and pinboards that are well worth a look. Sophistique Noir is tailored towards the “mature” Goth, whatever that means, and often has giveaways and gifts to offer to her minions, so that’s one blog that’s well worth a follow.
The Morbid Fashion Tumblr page specialises in sophisticated grown-up Goth fashion, and has plenty of inspiration for the budding Goth fashionista.
Finally, don’t forget to check back here at the Gothic Angel blog regularly, for tips on what’s hot and what’s not, plus our latest offerings. Happy shopping!

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