What’s new in make up for Goths? My favourite picks

I loves me some makeup, and in fact my makeup collection is stupidly large and partially consists of shit I am never likely to use. I have to have every colour and variation of everything going, try everything new and over-hyped, and generally, spend money that could be better spent on essentials like fags and booze on whatever is new out.
If you’re less of a dinlo than me, you’re probably a bit more speculative about things, and don’t want to waste your hard-earned on crap you’re never going to use, and fortunately, the sheer level of my commitment to buying crap can really help you out here. With this in mind, I have picked out some of my favourite purchases from the last couple of months that I have tried and tested for your delectation.
So if your mascara is starting to give you pink eye and your black lippy is on the out, check out some of my suggestions for your next makeup purchases.
Not cool.
Younique mascara and pigments
Younique is a new thing in the UK, and is being heavily (and sometimes annoyingly!) promoted, as is the American styleeee. This put me off a lot at first, as I was initially viewing it as an overhyped, online version of Avon, but I am now a convert, and Younique has plenty to offer for all of your Gothy stylings.
Younique can only be ordered online and is certainly not cheap, but in my opinion, there’s nothing to touch it in terms of quality and the type of looks you can achieve with it.
First up is their mascara, which can fairly be described as “a bit weird.” Rather than just being a tube of the black stuff, Younique’s signature mascara “Moodstruck 3D Fiber [sic] Lashes” comes in two tubes, one of which is a gel, and the other of which is fibres. Following the instructions to use them together, you can make your lashes look fecking mahoosive and very long, as demonstrated here by Katie Hunt of Katie’s Killer Cosmetics:
The big-assed lashes are the Younique, while the still not to be sniffed at but much smaller lashes are coated in an equally pricey but less impressive Estee Lauder mascara.
Younique also do small pots of colour pigments that are highly concentrated and can be used for all sorts, including mixing with the mascara to achieve different colours, or as hair chalks that also work on dark hair. Buy online here.
Colour changing nail polish
This is both fun and funky, and lets you pull off an interesting look without needing leet skills with the paintbrush. Colour changing nail polishes change colour depending on your temperature, and if your nails are long-ish, the tips will be a different colour than the base.
The Bloomin’ Couch shows some examples and shares her favourite polishes, and the Nail Laquer UK blog has some alternatives, as well as tutorials.
This is very cool!
Manic Panic is the name on the street for Goth lips, thanks to their colour range and high level of pigmentation at a reasonable price.
This YouTube vid lets you see most of the range of swatches actually on real live lips.

My current fave is “Mystic Heather,” and as a bonus, they also offer lots of their funky hair colours in the same shades as the lipsticks.

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