World Goth Day is on Friday, so get yo’self ready!

S’up minions? So Friday is World Goth Day, as you may have already realised if you’re a social media friendly kind of Goth, and follow the page itself on Facebook or Twitter. So, what is World Goth Day all about, what does it mean for Goths, and what can you do on the day itself? Read on to find out.

What is World Goth Day?

World Goth Day is pretty much like “world anything else day;” it is a designated date upon which all thing related to the scene are celebrated and promoted by the members and supporters of the scene itself, as well as hopefully brought to the consciousness of a wider field.

World Goth Day happens for Goths, and was created for Goths, but it also provides a great opportunity for Goths all over the world to generate interest in and tolerance of the movement itself, and their own brand of Goth or what Goth means to them specifically.

FILE+World+Goth+Day+LGb4o4Klf8UlWhy is it in May?

World Goth Day started in 2009 in the UK, when it was simply called Goth Day. International Goths decided that they liked the idea of this, and the following year, Goth Day became celebrated all over the world. The first Goth Day back in 2009 was organised around a Punk/Goth/Britpop weekend organised by BBC 6 Music, and so the date came from there and worked its way into the annual calendar.

 What happens on World Goth Day?

Whatever you want. If you live in an area where there is a reasonably large Goth community, there will likely be a range of club nights and events going on on the Friday and over the weekend, but if your Gothing takes place out in the sticks, you might find that you’re the only Goth in the village.

If you can’t make your way into a larger centre of Gothy activity, there is plenty going on online, and you can live vicariously through the wide range of events and meet-ups going on worldwide, thanks to the power of the interwebs.

world-goth-dayHow can I get involved?

Again, that is largely up to you. You can join the World Goth Day FB page or follow their Twitter account via the links in the opening paragraph, or check out their website for some more ideas.

You can check out the best of last year’s World Goth Day fashion in this Guardian piece, or have a look at this Time Out piece from 2012 for some ideas of what to do in London.


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