YouTube tutorials: My pick of five of the best

I loves me some YouTube, and in fact, I wonder what I did without it in the dark days before cat videos were really a thing. When I’m not fangirling over Grumpy Cat and Kitty Cat Dance (which I am about to make you watch) I like to browse through the various tutorials that YouTube is full of, for tips and tricks on how to do ever more weird things to my hair and face.

One thing that I have found out through sheer perseverance and experience, however, is that the most watchable and entertaining tutorials are not always the most well designed for following along, or actually learning anything from. With this in mind, I have picked out five of my favourite tutorials from YouTube that may be of interest to other Goths, and that will also teach you something new too!

I have bypassed some of the highest ranked Goth-based tutorials on YouTube, by the way, as to me they are not actually tutorials as such, but more a case of women doing their makeup in front of the camera rather than actually teaching you how to do it.

Romantic Goth makeup

This video is really short at just over two minutes, and really well presented. The steps taken are narrated all the way through, including explaining why she is doing certain things and what effect they will have. A lot of useful tips for winged eyes and other eye makeup ideas are packed into the short vid, which is one of the best for a classic romantic Goth styling.

Pastel Goth makeup

This vid starts with weirdy contact lenses, which explains a lot of the ultimate look but also covers a whole range of tips within the course of the ten minute vid, such as the use of primer, light coloured shadows to open your eyes, and why it is important to start with a clean face and hands!

Huge Goth hair

Want a big bouffy bird’s nest Barnet? This is the video for you. Essentially the look is a lot of back combing and products, but the trick (as anyone who has ever tried to do big hair and failed) will know, is keeping it up and impressive all day! The vid also covers how to get your hair down again afterwards without tearing it out by the roots…

Twisted edge fishtail plait

The fishtail braid is a new look to me, and one that looks ridiculously complicated and fancy to do. We Goths like complicated and fancy (or more to the point, faking it) and so I was delighted to learn that the fishtail braid isn’t half as technical to manage as I’d first thought it was. Works well with a severe centre parting or asymmetrical fringe.

DIY long sleeved halter top

Finally, this five minute jobbie comes with some cool music, subtitles and a big pair of scissors, so what’s not to like? It’s a simple short vid showing you how to customise a plain black long sleeved top into a Goth-styled wonder.

Oh and before I forget…

Kitty Cat Dance.

You’re welcome.

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