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New Rock M.2802-S1 New Rock M.NEOTYRE02-S2 New Rock M.TR003-S1 New Rock M.TR010-S1  Black Real Leather Woman's Goth/Military Half-Boots
New Rock M.2802-S1
Our Price: £110.13
SALE PRICE: £70.00
Save £40.13!
New Rock M.NEOTYRE02-S2
Our Price: £122.00
New Rock M.TR003-S1
Our Price: £126.99
New Rock M.TR010-S1
Our Price: £127.72
New Rock M.NEWMILI10-S1 New Rock M.NEWMILI19-S1 Black leather knee-high boots. New Rock M.TR005-S1 New Rock M.TRO79-S4 Goth Woman's Leather Ankle Boot  with Skull and Razor Blade
New Rock M.NEWMILI10-S1
Our Price: £130.95
New Rock M.NEWMILI19-S1
Our Price: £133.99
New Rock M.TR005-S1
Our Price: £135.72
New Rock M.TR079-S4
Our Price: £139.99
New Rock M.SEVE02-S1 New Rock M.5805-S10 Woman's Goth Shoe New Rock M.Seve22-S1 NEW ROCK M.NEWMILI85-S4
New Rock M.SEVE02-S1
RRP: £169.99
Our Price: £140.00
Save £29.99!
New Rock M.5805-S10
Our Price: £143.23
New Rock M.Seve22-S1
RRP: £160.00
Our Price: £144.99
Save £15.01!
Our Price: £158.00
SALE PRICE: £145.00
Save £13.00!
New Rock M.7919-S1  Woman's Real Leather Half-Boot New Rock M.924-S1 Unisex Gothic Black  Leather Ankle Boot New Rock M.8330-S1 Woman's Real Leather Boot New Rock M.8373-S1 Woman's Leather Mid-Calf Gothic Boot
New Rock M.7919-S1
Our Price: £145.22
New Rock M.924-S1
Our Price: £147.16
New Rock M.8330-S1
Our Price: £150.00
New Rock M.8373-S1
Our Price: £150.60
New Rock M.407-S1 New Rock M.5815-S10 New Rock M.563-S1  Classic Black Real Leather Ankle Boot For Goths New Rock M.TR050-S1 Woman's Leather Goth/Biker Boot
New Rock M.407-S1
Our Price: £152.10
New Rock M.5815-S10
Our Price: £152.96
New Rock M.563-S1
Our Price: £155.00
New Rock M.TR050-S1
Our Price: £156.00
New Rock M.9873-S1 New Rock M.Seve18-S1 Ladies Metal Heel Boots - New Rock M.8304-S1 Woman's Real Leather Mid-Calf Gothic Boot with Chains and Skulls New Rock M.9811-S1 Woman's Real Leather Knee High Goth Boots
New Rock M.9873-S1
Our Price: £164.99
New Rock M.Seve18-S1
RRP: £205.48
Our Price: £189.99
SALE PRICE: £165.00
Save £40.48!
New Rock M.8304-S1
Our Price: £169.99
New Rock M.9811-S1
RRP: £177.00
Our Price: £170.00
Save £7.00!
New Rock M.313-S1 New Rock M.235-S1 New Rock M.9831-S1 New Rock M.236-S1
New Rock M.313-S1
RRP: £196.45
Our Price: £180.82
Save £15.63!
New Rock M.235-S1
RRP: £198.99
Our Price: £180.99
Save £18.00!
New Rock M.9831-S1
RRP: £220.95
Our Price: £184.99
Save £35.96!
New Rock M.236-S1
RRP: £214.99
Our Price: £188.99
Save £26.00!
New Rock M.8272-S1 New Rock M.391T-S1 Unisex Punk/Goth Boot New Rock M.575-S1
New Rock M.8272-S1
RRP: £193.49
Our Price: £190.95
Save £2.54!
New Rock M.391T-S1
Our Price: £194.99
New Rock M.575-S1
RRP: £214.43
Our Price: £200.94
Save £13.49!

Women’s New Rock footwear – classic goth style

If you are in search of some classic alternative footwear then New Rock is a name you should know. In fact it’s probably one you’re already familiar with if you dig underground fashion, as this brand has been producing cult shoes and boots for goths, punks and other freaks for years. Here at Gothic Angel Clothing you can find an array of awesome women’s New Rock footwear, from New Rock shoes and boots to custom New Rocks that you might not find anywhere else. These products scream classic goth style and you can find them here at amazing prices. So take a look around and see if anything kicks you in the face.

Stand out and stand tall in New Rock boots, shoes and custom designs

If you like to express your individuality then our women’s New Rock footwear is a great way to do just that. And you might be surprised at just how diverse the newest New Rock footwear collections are. Here you can buy classic beefy New Rock boots, but also chunky heeled cowboy style boots, awesome stilettos and even ballet pumps – though of course with much more edge than they’d usually have. There are also custom New Rocks which are custom made when you order them. Whether you are an all out goth, a punk, a burlesque gal or any other alternative subgenre, you are likely to find some shoes that float your boat from the infamous New Rock label.

Buy your wicked women’s New Rock footwear now

Once you’ve found the pair that you love from our frankly stunning selection of New Rock shoes and boots, buy them online. We offer some of the very best prices around so take advantage of them today and invest in some classic goth style.