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If you are heading to a festival this year it is wise to invest in some wellington boots. How dull, you may think, planning ahead and being all practical – but these aren’t normal wellies. Here at Gothic Angel Clothing we can offer you a selection of super cool, funky wellies and rain boots for women, which are as outrageous as they are waterproof.

Funky wellies for festival fun

Rain boots for women are sometimes a bit boring. Most boots are in plain colours and are purely functional, doing nothing to enhance your outfit. However, there are thankfully a few brands – such as Iron Fist – that offer funky wellies and rain boots for women, in some killer designs. Check out the funky wellies on this page to see just how cool these rubber boots really are. These rain boots DO offer gothic fashion and function, and that is a combination you will struggle to find anywhere else.

Buy rain boots for women online now

A festival is more fun with dry feet – take our word for it – so rubber boots are a must. The good news is that you don’t have to compromise on your look as our funky wellies are as cool as any footwear out there. They’re perfect for standing in muddy fields, as you listen to your favourite bands and party through the rain and shine. So check out our funky wellies and order your rain boots for women now.