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Creeper shoes have been around since the 1940s and 1950s, meaning they’re spot on if you dig the rockabilly scene, or just love turning back the years with a bit of retro style. Here at Gothic Angel Clothing you can find a selection of these crepe-soled superstars in an array of designs, from top alt footwear labels like Demonia.

Achieve retro chic with underground creeper shoes

Brothel creepers, as they are also known, took off in fashion in the 50s when they became part of Teddy Boy fashion. They have been part of counterculture ever since, and today Teddy Boys and Girls have plenty of styles to choose from, as you can see here.

Classic two-tone creepers offer killer style, but if you want to jazz up your alt getup even more, you can choose from animal and tartan prints. There are also stacked creeper boots on sale which combine classic rockabilly to with modern gothic fashion.

Step into your own women’s creepers today

If you fancy a pair of creepers to add to your alternative footwear collection, get stuck in right here. They are a great way to complete a rockabilly or punk outfit with real retro style.