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  • Mens DEVIANT-204 Trainers Mens DEVIANT-204 Trainers

    Mens DEVIANT-204 Trainers (by Demonia)

  • Mens NEPTUNE-32 Boots (by Demonia) Mens NEPTUNE-32 Boots

    Mens NEPTUNE-32 Boots (by Demonia)

ometimes goth girls need some comfortable, functional footwear, and that is why we offer a kick-ass range of women’s hi tops trainers and pumps. Yes we love alt high heels and chunky gothic boots, but sometimes there’s nothing better than a super-cool pair of pumps. And if that’s what you want then look no further.

Our stylish trainers come in a shed-load of styles and colours with a mass of features, from clasps to studs and even spikes. These shoes are comfortable but they certainly don’t sit comfortably within the fashion mainstream, and comfort doesn’t mean compromising on style when you shop here.

Hi tops trainers & pumps for versatile style

Of course our hi tops and pumps are suitable for more than just goth girls. As you can see the styles are versatile and could work for members of a number of subcultures. Fetish fans will love some of our more daring Demonia trainers, as will punks who can pick out tartan pumps and other no-nonsense styles that are available. The hi tops and trainers on sale here can work with anything from black skinny jeans and band t-shirts to rockabilly polkadot dresses and seamed fishnet tights. The final look is your decision. These shoes just give you a great casual-cool foundation to work from.