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  • FoxTrot Wallet (by Iron Fist) FoxTrot Wallet

    FoxTrot Wallet (by Iron Fist)


    Gothic Ivy Black Lace Wallet (by Banned)

  • Midnight Widow Wallet Midnight Widow Wallet

    Midnight Widow Wallet (by Iron Fist)

  • Womens Punk Tribute Tartan Purse Womens Punk Tribute Tartan Purse

    Womens “Punk Tribute” Tartan Purse (by Banned Apparel)


Gothic ladies’ purses and wallets

In you want to accessories in an alternative way, you can choose from a selection of stylish cult ladies’ purses and wallets right here. Check out our purses from alt brands such as Iron Fist and Demonia, labels which produce top quality gothic fashion pieces in some devilish designs. These items could be just what you need to complete your own unique look, while giving you a functional way to carry around your cash and other essentials.

Funky purses – essential gothic accessories

Funky wallets and purses are essential accessories. How else would you carry around your cash, cards and condoms? Well you could use your pockets…but what if you don’t have any pockets?? Exactly! If you want to wear a classic corset and skirt or glam gothic dress you will need a purse or wallet, and if you love the classic goth look there are some alt accessories right here that you will adore. But there are brighter designs too, so if you want to add a splash, or wave of colour to your getup, feel free to do it. Accessories like purses and wallets are a great way to stamp your personality and style once more on your look, so choose from our range and show us who you are.