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Music is the fuel of life, and I don’t think anyone of the Gothy persuasion would disagree with that too vehemently. Everyone has their own favourite way of listening to their canned tunes, and my personal preference is putting my music into playlists (OCD, innit) and then letting them rip depending on my mood and which offering suits it best.
But I also listen to the radio and podcasts on occasion, and over time, have found myself a few go-to staples that reliably provide Goth-friendly tunes, both the old classics and up and coming fresh work from previously unheard of artists.
All of these stations can be found online as well as possibly on your digital radio for some of them, so bookmark some of these links for the next time you’re looking for some musical inspiration.

Nightbreed Radio
Nightbreed Radio is the station belonging to UK-based Nightbreed Recordings, and plays 24/7, 365. Nightbreed offers 80’s and 90’s Goth classics and up to date underground releases from the Industrial, Dark Alt, Darkwave and Deathrock genres. You can listen online, or use your internet-enabled DAB radio to stream Nightbreed to your wireless.

Gothic Paradise on Live 365

userlogo276x155Gothic Paradise is one of many Goth/alt stations hosted on Live 365, and if you don’t like what is playing at the time, the site offers plenty of alternatives. Specialising in Gothic, Industrial, Synthpop and Darkwave, Gothic Paradise has been running for almost 15 years now, so they must be doing something right!

Real Industrial Radio

RIR_Banner-1Real Industrial Radio on InternetRadio plays Industrial, Goth and Synthpop, and I particularly like the early-mid 90’s vibe a lot of their tracks have, taking me back to my misspent yoof in the ‘Tache in Blackpool, where I first got my fangs.

Dark Horizons is a three hour weekly podcast that updates on Thursdays, specialising in Gothic, Industrial and Darkwave. Both the selection of tunes and the presenters are really well reviewed by the listeners, so this one is definitely worth a look.

The Requiem
The Requiem Industrial Club Podcast can be found in the Itunes store, but if you’re a civilised human being with an Android phone, you can get your Itunes hits by installing a conversion app such as Pocket Casts.
The Requiem again updates every Thursday, and offers downloads of their previous sessions too. You can keep up to date with their latest line-ups and DJ’s by following their Facebook page.

Lady Gothique
The gal who runs

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