The five most WTF hair trends of 2015

2015 was something of an interesting year for interesting hair, as several new and unusual ways to weird up your barnet rode into town. All of the various Pinterest boards related to hair blew up in a big way over the course of the year, with new offerings including tie dye hair, pixelated hair, and much more. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, stick with me, while I take you on a short tour of the five most WTF hair trends of 2015.

Tie dye hair


First up, tie dye hair. I’m not gonna lie, this looks awesome, and when I do finally get my unicorn, this will be the look I’m doing. Metro shares a text tutorial on how to get the look, but frankly, this seems like a whole load of faff to me, and I think there is a much easier approach:

Get a large sponge and various dyes, apply the dyes to the sponge, place your hair flat on a table and have a friend blot the sponge onto your hair. Obviously this is not as simple as it sounds, but that’s how I’d do it.

Hair tapestries


Once more this really does rock my socks, but I suspect it is not something you can pull off at home with ease, without mad skillz and a whole day. However, if you have a crafty friend and some patience, you can probably manage a smaller weave at home. Maybe. It’s a great look, but it seems like a whole lot of hard work for something that’s not going to last very long.

Pixelated hair


This is another clever dying technique that looks grand in the pictures, but that I have to wonder how it holds up in real life; hair is kind of movementy, and does not, in my experience, remain where you put it when you stick dye on certain parts only.

Hair tattoos


As modelled here by one of the Kardashians (don’t ask me which one, I have no idea) hair tattoos are basically something of a misnomer, because hair-tattoo is the most bullshit phrase I ever did hear. Basically, you buy yourself a temporary tattoo transfer that you then apply to your hair. I dunno if it sticks the hair together to maintain its look or not, but this seems like it has plenty of scope to go Full Shitshow on you with great ease.

Gold leaf hair


This thing is in my opinion, the most WTF-worthy of all. Basically you apply gold leaf (or a fake version thereof) to your head, and call it a look. To me it just looks like the hair of someone who could greatly benefit from a little care in the community, and I suspect it either slips right off your head in a light rain shower, or is a total bitch to remove at all.

Get a much neater, easier look with the judicious application of gold glitter hairspray:


Lady Gothique
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