Ice Goth! Are you out there?


While out making a shitshow of myself on Birmingham’s club scene last week, I ran into a trio of ladies who had a very unique Goth styling that I was informed is known as “ice Goth.” This is a new one on me, and so I have decided to look into it in more detail.

So, ice Goth basically involves Goth fashion in negative, or reverse; where you would normally see black everything, ice Goth is all about the white. So if you’ve always dreamed of swanning around in wedding-esque Victorian gowns as your go-to look, this might be the Goth subset for you.

Now, I just can’t make white work for me. I am a grubby girl, and it’s just not practical. I might as well just rub soot over anything lighter than black before I even leave home, because that’s what it looks like within half an hour of me putting on anything light coloured, and somehow this manages to extend to my underwear too, and yes thank you I do know that that was probably too much information, AMIRIGHT.

But if you’re more elegant and better at staying clean than me or have another good reason for wearing a lot of white like, I dunno, owning a white cat, ice Goth might be something you’ll want to look at.

11f27a772d482512ba63239646e0a1b5Going for ice Goth

If you’re not quite there yet in committing to an all-white look, there is room for compromise. How about black and white stripes, or a white top half with a big long black skirt? This all works too.

Ice Goth makeup tends to involve similar looks to trad Goth, with a pale face, smoky eyes and dark lips, and I find that raven-black locks really makes the look pop. Think Snow White in the original dark tale, not Eliza from Frozen. No really, let it go. (Sorry, I have warned you before about me and my dodgy puns.)

Something else that I really like is ice goth styling with a mate who’s going trad; you can, if you plan ahead, basically dress and make yourselves up as mirror images of each other, one in black, one in white, for a strong statement look; what the statement is, is for you to decide!

njjkThis blog post by Sincerely Boots covers the ice Goth look in a whole lot more detail, and is well worth bookmarking if you think you might fancy giving it a whirl in the future.

Also, check out this post by Stripy Tights and Dark Delights on the same theme.


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