I’m a f***ing unicorn (also, a mermaid)

I’ve had a pretty good month on the swag front between February and March, having hunted down several new purchases that have pleased me greatly and that I am evangelising about across the internet far and wide. So because you are all very, very precious to me, I have decided to share my recent favourite purchases of all types, for your delectation and purchasing pleasure.

I’m a fucking unicorn

I AM a fucking unicorn, and I won’t have anyone tell me otherwise. I love all things unicorn-related and have the tattoo to prove it (but as I had it when I was 17, and it is pink and purple, I’m not going to be showing it off until I get some corrective work done on it to make it a little less “My Little Pony”) and for my birthday in February, I got the mug to go with it.


This is my new favourite thing, and it can be bought online from loads of places, including Ebay, for around £5.

 I’m also a fucking mermaid

On a related note, I am currently a fucking mermaid too-or at least, my nails are.


Seriously, look though. My current nail look is a duochrome (fancy speak for “colour changing between two shades) gel, which shifts between shades of sea green and dark purple in a kind of oil slick effect. I have expounded long and loud on the wonders of gel nail polish before, and my current set are, in my opinion, Peak Nail.

The polish itself didn’t come cheap at £10 for the bottle, but I consider it to be worth every penny. Find out more about the polish and where to buy it here.


…And a pale AF fucking Goth

I’m continually on the hunt for new and exciting stuff to stick on my face, but one product that I have been largely dissatisfied with for a long time is face powder. My basic requirements are something that won’t turn my skin a funny shade of orange, make me look dusty, or remove my naturally ethereally pale moon tan.

Having pretty much given up on finding this mythical beast, I finally struck gold in Lush, which is not somewhere that I usually buy makeup, and perhaps that is where I was going wrong.

Lush has a small range of colour cosmetics of their own as well as the ubiquitous giant soap cakes and bath bombs, and one of their products is called “Emotional Brilliance Translucent Face Powder.”

In the pot, the powder looks awfully pinky, but when you put it on, it really is colourless and translucent, so much so that when I take my makeup off, it doesn’t leave a load of pink streaks on the cotton wool!



Emotional Brilliance only costs £12, and can be bought from any Lush store or ordered online.

 Also, rainbows

Rainbows, along with unicorns, mermaids and Goth are Relevant to my Interests. I love colour in general, the more the better, and as my ears are full of holes, I decided to replace all of my labrets and bars with rainbow offerings.

Hunting for rainbow labrets also enabled me to find a new (to me) style of hoop that is neither a traditional earring nor a captive bead ring (who the fecking feck can make them work, anyone!?) but a secure, perfectly round self-closing hoop.



Buy them on Ebay using search terms like “rainbow labret hoop.”

What have you bought recently? Tell me in the comments.

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