Lady Gothique’s monthly blog roundup: May 2016


It is nearly the end of May already, and summer is just around the corner. I have finally succumbed to the razor and relieved my legs of their winter coat, which was not only traumatic but also costly in terms of the amount of square inch-age that I was able to get through before blunting a razor.

So that was all great for the like, five scorching hot days that we had, but I am now back in leggings and muttering instructions to myself quietly under my breath about not letting things get that bad again.

In other news,


Batman Salem Slinkcat is now one! He is all grown up, and one of the longest, tallest kitties you ever did see. He can stretch out to around four feet in length on the sofa, and believe me, this lad can fill an entire double bed like nobody’s business.

I also planted some catnip, which has been going down well with Bat’s local friends-he genuinely has more cat-friends than any cat I have ever known. There are at least three other boats with cats nearby that he just belts right into to share their dinner and sniff about, and apparently, all of the other cats (and owners) not only tolerate this, but welcome his visits.


Not even my cat.

Aside from living vicariously through the stoner habits of the cats, not a lot has been happening in Lady Gothique towers; so moving on, here is my quick-and-dirty roundup of the latest news and views from other Goth bloggers.

The Everyday Goth wears white

The Everyday Goth’s latest blog post tells of her participation in a 100-year-old tradition at her college-wearing white at graduation, along with accent colours from their class colour, in this case, blue.

The irony of Gothing in white was not lost on her-see some pics and more info on her blog.

13179016_835911179875543_1769999693409398608_n (1)

The Blogging Goth talks World Goth Day

World Goth Day was of course on the 22nd May (as it is every year), and The Blogging Goth kept up with things as it happened, sharing a few links to some of his own articles and views posted online.


Sophistique Noir is Instagramming

Sophistique Noir has stopped blogging with the words, but is still sharing posts from her Instagram on her blog-check out the latest entries.

Screenshot 2016-05-25 19.33.34

She Might Be a Fairie

She Might Be a Fairie has shared this cool post on fifteen reasons to smile, which contains some cool links to bits and bobs that might also make you smile.

Check it out.

See you next month!

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