Salon stuff I do at home (but probably shouldn’t)

I am fairly much obsessed with hair, makeup and clothes, a passion that really only came upon me in my 30’s, which may be partially due to the fact that my disposable income was virtually non-existent in my younger years. I love going for a massage or facial at the salon when I have the funds and opportunity, but I still really begrudge spending money on beauty stuff that is boring or not pleasurable, and so there are several things that I do for myself, but probably shouldn’t.

I am now totally confident and reasonably safe in undertaking these endeavours for myself, but I have had a few slip-ups along the way, which neatly bring home to me the fact that there is a very good reason why people pay professionals for such tasks.

If you’re looking to save a few bucks or like me, begrudge paying for something that you can probably mess up perfectly well on your own, read on in horror to learn about some of the salon stuff I do at home, but probably shouldn’t.


Not only do I do my own waxing with actual hot wax in a professional warmer, but I do my own bikini line too, which frankly I think makes me kind of hardcore. Doing your own hot waxing, particularly around your ladygarden regions is a terrible idea, but it’s been a few years since I last burnt myself, and the pain of self-service is worth it for the retention of dignity that comes from not having a 20 year old Barbie getting up close and personal with your pubic hair in paper pants.

I did get waxed in the salon for a couple of years first, where I picked up some tips and tricks before going for it at home, but the first time that I did it, I still nearly amputated my clit nonetheless.

This really is a beauty treatment best performed by the professionals, if you have it done at all.


Lord, WHY are they always removing hair from a leg that is already bald?

Hair colouring


I’ve been dying my own hair since I was a baby bat of around 13, when I started out with home mix henna and no protective gloves. My hair became a beautiful, vibrant flame red that even my mother approved of, but unfortunately, so did my hands. Lesson learned.

Because I just do a basic all over colour with pre-bleach, I don’t think that a proper hairdresser could achieve anything different for me than I can do for myself, but they would probably be more savvy on the use of the bleach, and possibly do it in such a way as to cause less damage to my hair.

I must admit that when I am feeling flush I do still have my colour done in a salon, as the whole thing is just such a huge pain in the ass.

You can do this one at home if you’re careful-check out this tutorial first maybe.

Gel nails

Gel nails are a flaming revelation to me, so much so that I will write a whole blog post on how to do these some time soon. Gel nails can either be used to lengthen your own nails with tips, or simply to get a colour onto your nails that stays good for a couple of weeks, without chipping and peeling off like normal polish is apt to.

This is one that I reckon anyone can do at home, but the first few times you try to do it, it probably won’t work out too well.

Blue glitter_zps9csttoly

What do you do at home that might be best left to the professionals? Tell me in the comments.

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