1) Please confirm band members and names and roles in the band. (Please provide images of each member if possible personal images rather than professional i.e. mobile phone pictures backstage, etc)

Anja – vocals
Alex – bass
Tony – guitar & growl voice
Luca – cello, orchestra, keyboards & backing vocals
Roby – drums

2) If different what are the real names of your band members?

Anja is Stefania Irullo (vocals) , Alessandro Martina (bass), Antonio Tomasicchio (guitar & growl voice), Luca Basile (cello, orchestra, keyboards & backing vocals ), and Roberto Raio (drums).

3) Why did you pick your band name?

The name Elegy of Madness is inspired to the “elegy”, a medieval composition characterized by a deep intensity in its contents. Moreover, we were attracted by the madness’ concept, not interpreted as disability but as the will to go beyond the ordinary pursuing our dreams and ideals.

4) How did you form?

Elegy of Madness is a symphonic female metal band from Italy. The project was created in 2006 with one objective: start composing our own music following our predilection for gothic and progressive rhythms and styles.
During these last year’s our musical influences brought us to the symphonic field, realizing a more complete sound in our last full length “Brave Dreams”.

5) Why did you decide to play the genre or genres you do?

Since 2006, we always followed our musical influences that brought us to the gothic and progressive field. Our growth in the latest years modified a little bit our music too, leading us to include more symphonic elements in our songs.

6) What are your dreams and goals?

Our dream could be live from music and make it known in all the world.

7) Your website/other reviews have describes your lyrics/lyrical style as Gothic Metal. Do you agree? Why or why not?

I think our lyrics should be defined as realistic because they are based on real events and feelings, far from the typical gothic features.

8) Do you write out your lyrics? Do you ever change a song’s lyrics in live sets?

Yes, I wrote all lyrics in Brave Dreams’ full length except for Brave Dreams and for you, elaborated by the guitarist, Tony. I never change a song’s lyrics during live shows.

9) Where do you usually gather song writing inspiration? What is your usual song writing process?

I think that our music should communicate something important to our listeners. My words are written as a consequence of personal experiences and events that left a mark in my life.
When I feel inspired, I start writing every thought and after I try to put on these words a musical part.

10) Anything you would like share, from new merch to upcoming shows/tours or songs/albums?

We will play at Exit Festival 2014 in Novi Sad (Serbia) with bands as Sabaton, Arkona, Stromae, Skrillex and many others.


Note from Gothic Angel: Elegy of Madness were a treat to interview. Have a listen to their videos on YouTube and fall in love with their Gothic Metal tunes. You can listen to them on Spotify, Sound Cloud and Deezer. They are also pretty busy on social media, particularly Facebook and Twitter.

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