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Despite my typing fingers being rather slow on the uptake when it comes to typing the date correctly (as always happens at the start of the new year when my brain seems determined to continue using the previous year’s date well into February) it’s now 2018. This means that people who weren’t even born in the last century are going to be coming of age this year, a fact that is making me feel truly ancient.

It’s honestly not helping a lot that I am going to be turning 40 next month myself, which is forcing me to rethink my previous perceptions of aging, which dictated that at 18 you might be an adult, but at 40, you’re a grownup – a thought that is now leaving me feeling rather as if I have missed a trick somewhere along the line.

On the other side of the coin, I want to say that at least there’s no way that 2018 can possibly turn out to be as shitty on a world scale as 2017 was, but that seems like a sure-fire way of ensuring that it’s even worse, and we still have Trump and Brexit steaming ahead, so I’m going to hedge my bets for a while at least.


I never bother to make new year’s resolutions, because time and experience has taught me that taking out a gym membership and pledging to eat a vegetable once in a while as Old Lang Syne rings out is the best way to ensure you spend the following weekend on the sofa in stained pyjamas eating Wagon Wheels and crisps whilst binge-watching Netflix.

I also don’t bother to go out on the night itself anymore, so if there is such as thing as a new year’s-specific Grinch, maybe I am it.

Anyway, in an attempt to gain a little more inspiration/motivation for a rainy January Saturday spent on the sofa (minus the stained pyjamas – so far) I have gone through all of the bookmarks I have set to my favourite Goth bloggers, and checked out what they’ve been up to, and what they themselves are saying about the new year – and who is ignoring it entirely.

So, without further ado, here is my round-up of the latest blog posts from some of the best Gothic blogs on the net.

The Everyday Goth

The Everyday Goth’s first post of the new year is a quick birthday shout out to Patricia Morrison, of The Damned and Sisters of Mercy fame. She’s just turned 55, you know.

The Blogging Goth’s 2017 year in review

The Blogging Goth’s blog is honestly one of the most reliable, comprehensive sources of Goth news on the internet, and is always a sound bet if you want to find something fascinating or informative to read, or are looking for inspiration on further reading and things to do.

His latest post is from the end of 2017 (perhaps he partied a little too hearty on the night itself and is still recovering…) and is a full run-down and round up of his 2017 in review, with lots of links back to previous posts that are sure to keep you occupied for a few hours if you’re looking for something to do.

Also, look out for The Blogging Goth’s new YouTube channel in collaboration with John Adrenochrome, which will be launching soon. Keep up to date with the impending launch by checking out the Facebook page.

Domesticated Goth looks at the difference between “Goth” and “Gothic”

Whilst all of us (I assume) roll our eyes at semantic pedants, there is also nothing more annoying than people who conflate two related terms or use one of them incorrectly – you know, like that aunt who thinks that astronomy and astrology are the same thing.

Domesticated has provided a quick disambiguation for reference to outline the difference between “Goth” and “Gothic,” which makes for a good explainer on the topic with some insights into the correlations between the two terms as well.

La Carmina in Switzerland


La Carmina is the leader of a fairly charmed life from my view over here in the cheap seats, being a professional travel blogger who treks all over the world showcasing her experiences and finds, so if like me you enjoy living vicariously through the experiences of others without leaving your comfy chair, this is the blog for you.

La Carmina’s latest post is brought to you from Switzerland, land of er, clocks? And cheese? And banks maybe? I’ve never been to Switzerland, can you tell?

I’m always on the lookout for new Goth blogs (and other websites and content) to read, so if you know of a cool Goth blogger or if you’ve started a blog of your own and think I should check it out, let me know in the comments and I might give you a shout out next month!


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