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Grrr… Arghhh… Yes, I have a rather all-encompassing fascination with zombies, and I loves me a good zombie book, TV show, film or PC game. I assume I’m not the only Goth in the village who feels the same way, and as I only have one lonely little friend in real life who shares my love of all things rotting, I thought I’d throw my net a little wider and see if I can catch any of my blog minions in it too.

So, cool zombie stuff. All things vintage and cult-like, such as Romero’s classic Night of the Living Dead are already well covered and talked about, so I’ve collated me a little list of my more up to date zombie faves, which I’m going to share with you now.

Zombie TV


Isn’t it obvious? The Walking Dead is where it’s at. This modern show based on Kirkman, Moore and Adlard’s original comic book series has now run for four seasons, and while it is now getting mixed reviews for its later episodes, is still FECKING AWESOME, bitches. If you’re already a fan, there are shitloads of in-jokes and spoofs that may well take your fancy, such as this YouTube piss take, and various Daryl-based memes.

Zombie film

World War Z might be a predictable choice, but it’s still my favourite zombie flick from the last couple of years. However hard you might be trying, you can’t hate the Brad Pitt either, so give it a whirl.


Zombie reading


The best zombie book I have read in recent years is the relatively little-known Apocalypse Z, and just to be clear, it is in no way related to World War Z, the film. On paper, this book has everything that turns me off a read; English translation of an original Spanish book, written in diary format in the first person. However, this book stuck with me and is definitely my current modern fave, despite its generally middling reviews on Goodreads and Amazon.

Honorary mention to I am Legend, which of course was turned into a film of the same name some years ago. The book is an awesome twist on your classic zombie tale, but the film totally fucks with this and turns it into a standard, formulaic gore-flick that even Will Smith cannot redeem.

Zombie games


I’m really shit at gaming of the PlayStation and X-Box varieties, and can’t even generally make any headway in games aimed at the 7-10 years age group. Ergo my zombie game selection is pretty simple; Plants vs. Zombies, AMIRIGHT people. If you aren’t playing this game, frankly, we cannot be friends.

I personally still prefer the original version, but I don’t totally hate Plants vs. Zombies 2 either.

Honorary mention

You’re going to fecking LOVE this, if you’re not aware of it already: Triple amputee Nick Santonastasso has found possibly the most unique way to turn his disability into a positive, as long as “positive” to you translates as “pants-shittingly terrifying pranks.”

This 17 year old student has turned zombie-pranking into a true art form, and has several YouTube videos of him doing just that to unsuspecting members of the public. There is truly nothing about this that I do not like.

So, have you got a zombie favourite I should know about? I’m always keen to find new undead entertainment, so if you have, then hook me up.

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