Goth on a budget: How to get your Goth on if you haven’t got much cash

If you like to browse online Goth websites that sell stuff or if you’re lucky enough to have some alt/Goth shops in your home town, it probably hasn’t escaped your attention that working the Goth look can often come with a hefty price tag, particularly when you’re talking about big items like your shit-kicker boots or long winter coat.

However, if you’re still waiting for your Lotto numbers to come up, don’t get all Cinderella about it- there are plenty of ways to Goth on the cheap by shopping outside of the box, and making some simple customisations to everyday pieces of clothing. I’m not talking about making things from scratch, or anything that involves using a sewing machine, as if you have those kind of skills already, you probably don’t need my help.


So minions, this week I’m going to give you a few tips about how to get your Goth on, on the cheap.

Look out for freebies

Many online retailers offer sale items on the cheap, and sometimes run special offers for signing up to their mailing lists or back-linking to their site from your own website or blog- I’m not going to do all of the hard work for you, but I will start you off with a link to get yourself a free pair of stripy tights, or a free perfume sample.

Some of the most widely followed Goth bloggers often get sent products to test out and review by Goth retailers too, and will sometimes pass these freebies onto their followers, so start checking out the great and the good with an eye for a freebie. You will also find lots of outfit inspiration and tips on customisation from popular bloggers like Sophistique Noir, and The Everyday Goth.


High street shopping

I very much doubt that there is a single town centre in the UK today that doesn’t have at least a couple of charity shops on it, and these are an absolute goldmine for picking up cheap second-hand items that are often in very good condition that will work well with your Goth look.

Look out for big items such as boots and coats particularly, and also, look at military surplus stores for the same, particularly for long woollen coats and army-style boots.



There are a fucktonne of different ways to customise items of clothing to Goth them up a bit, such as by investing in some black clothes dye to revive or re-colour worn out jeans, or simply ripping up your old jeans that are already starting to fall apart at the knees.

Badges, large safety pins and iron-on patches can all help to cover flaws in clothes and add a bit of depth and interest to your look, as can fabric pens and decals that will allow you to design your own one of a kind items for just a few quid too!

Lace borders can be hand-sewn onto even the plainest of tops or skirts with ease, turning a plain black shirt into a Victoriana-style delight.

Stripy Tights and Dark Delights also has a whole host of DIY customisation tutorial tips for Goths here.

Swap shop

If you know a reasonable amount of Goths local to you as well, why not think about organising a swap shop or sale, where everyone can bring their unwanted items of clothing or hand crafts to swap, barter or sell? Even if your wardrobe is as minimal as possible, I’d bet my ass that you’re nevertheless sitting on at least one item of clothing that doesn’t fit, doesn’t suit you, or that you simply don’t wear anymore, so pass it on in return for something you’ll really like!

Barter, dude

Market stalls, small independent shops and the like will be no stranger to people bartering for their wares, so it’s worth a try, even if you get knocked back. Larger stores and big brands are unlikely to give you anything, but smaller shops may well knock a couple of quid off or throw in the odd freebie now and then, so don’t be afraid to ask.


Happy shopping!

Lady Gothique
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