Tattooing – Kelly Regrets!

Gothic beauty Kelly Osbourne has often spoken in the media about getting her tattoos removed, referring to them as a ‘form of self-harm’. Now, while this may be true for Kelly, I love my tattoos which I have had for over fifteen years; to be frank, I think mine are lovely and hers are not so…(there is a picture of my biggest tattoo attached to my ‘Piercings’ blog, so please feel free to correct me if you disagree!) 

So, is it just a matter of taste? Of the reason behind the choices we make about the design, size and position of the tattoos? Will I eventually come to regret mine? Seeing as I have enjoyed them for all this time I think they’ve already been pretty good value, so if they start to sag a little in years to come hopefully I’ll view that as worthwhile and a sign of a life well lived.

Large and obvious tattoos can be an impediment to work, so this is worth considering before you go for anything major that can’t be easily covered. Whatever you put there you have to look at for the rest of your life (or pay and suffer more paid to get it removed) so it’s definitely worth having a good think about!

Knowing the previous work of your tattoo artist and trusting them to create what you have in mind is also very important – once they’ve done, they’ve done it!

Also, it hurts. It bloody hurts. And anyone who says it doesn’t is just pretending or has very unusual thresholds.  It’s OK for a bit, then after a while – half an hour or so – it gets really sore. That also depends on where on the body you are being tattooed.

Do you love your tats? Are you considering getting inked for the first time or adding to your collection? Let us know and link to pics!



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