What’s been happening in Goth world in the last month or so?


I haven’t done a big-ass roundup of what’s been happening in the news relating to the Goth community and what other Gothy bloggers are up to for a few weeks now. However, being as the shitshow that is 2016 is now in its death throes I am going to dedicate this post to a quick-and-dirty roundup of what’s been going on in the world of late, even though I am sure that most of you would rather forget it all anyway.

So without further ado, let’s get down to business.

My shitshow rolls on

So starting with me, I posted several weeks ago about my seemingly imminent midlife crisis, which was manifesting as trying a whole shitola of new things including driving lessons, singing lessons, and joining a synchronised swimming team.

Despite the fact that I only posted that a bare six weeks ago, my get up and go has largely got up and gone-I ran out of funds for driving lessons and never went to synchro, because the sessions they invited me to started at 9am, ffs, which is time for being asleep in any normal person’s world.

The singing lessons however, I am all up in that shit and now my weekly warbling session is the absolute high point of my week. My singing teacher is like a combination of Santa and your favourite uncle, and I am apparently improving each week although it is hard for me to tell personally!

The whole towpath and area around my boat on the other hand has turned into a quagmire of mud and shite that easily comes up to the ankles of my boots, which frankly is ruining my life a little bit. When you cannot keep anything clean for more than half an hour, the cats are always filthy-pawed and there is grit in your bed the same day you change the sheets, it all seems to start sucking fairly quickly.


So, that’s me for the year; still can’t drive, not swimming, singing like a demon.

We are all doomed


The whole Trump thing wasn’t a massive scam, you guys; and somehow, not quite half of the American public voted the massive orange ballsack in as the leader of the free world. I mean, I could write a dissertation about the complete collective loss of intelligence and madness that brought this into being, and what it means for the future for all of us is pants-shittingly terrifying.

On top of Brexit too! We are all doomed, and I’m not even being ironic. However, I highly recommend you read this post on Cracked about what to do next; and look at ways that you can support marginalised people such as LGBT folk, non-whites and err, all of the women in the USA during what is no doubt a fucking terrifying time for them.


Anyway, to lighten the mood a little, I’m going to move on now to what’s been going on in the lives of some of my favourite Goth bloggers in the last few weeks.

The Everyday Goth

The Everyday Goth has proven herself to be the go-to blogger for all of your Christmas ideas and inspiration this year, with her last few posts all relating to the festive season. Her most recent post covers Christmas decorations with a Goth style, and I’m personally loving the delicate little bat ornaments. Heh, I literally just tried to capitalise “bat” because it is also my cat’s name.

The post before that too is Christmas-centric, and I immediately bookmarked it, being as it is suggestions of well over twenty different gift ideas for Goths, none of which are clothing. She’s also got a massive Pinterest board of Gothic Christmas inspiration too.


The Blogging Goth

The Blogging Goth (Tim) appears to have fainted in fear of the US presidential election results, with his latest blog post going live in early November and no updates since. This post covers the general shit state of the world at large, as well as preparations for the Autumn Whitby Goth Weekend, and his own roundup of Gothy things to see and do.

You can also find out what happened when Tim spoke at the MMU’s Centre for Gothic Studies, which is well worth a look.


Domesticated Goth

Domesticated Goth’s first December blog post is one that I would love to force you all to read if I could, but in the absence of the necessary superpowers, I’m going to do something out of character and say “please.”

Her post on The Ethics of Goth Clothes is one that we should all give a massive shit about, because as she so rightly points out, while mainstream fashion has had the spotlight firmly on them in terms of their manufacture and purchasing practices, the same has largely passed the Goth world by.


Seriously, if this was battery chickens instead of people, everyone would kick off.

This is likely to be partially because the Alt crowd is only a relatively small audience and so, their collective opinions and purchasing power are not as large as that of the pop tarts and other mainstreamers. This means that it is all the more important for us to take a stance on what we wear and how it is sourced, and not support labels that operate sweatshop manufacturing operations.

It’s a fairly long post, but I think it’s important, and you should too.

See ya in the new year, minions!


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