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Sinister's "Waspie" Corset
Sinister's "Waspie" Corset
Our Price: £25.99
SALE PRICE: £15.00
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Curious corsets and wicked waistcoats for gothic girls

The perfect gothic outfit is built up of several different layers and garments, which must all work together to create a great alternative look. If you are putting together a goth ensemble you must not forget your corsets and waistcoats, and we have an awesome selection here at Gothic Angel.

The gothic corsets and waistcoats here hark back to Victorian times, a period that is embraced by goth culture. These antique style garments add distinction to your outfits and accentuate your curves, so you can look both cool and sexy. Check out the rockin’ range of curious corsets and wicked waistcoats on this page and complete your gorgeous gothic look.

Corsets and waistcoats for a touch of Victoriana

Victoriana is big in the goth scene. Reproduction Victorian style items look super cool and they add a vital quirkiness to cult outfits. The corsets on sale here can add a real allure to your look too as they cling to your curves and draw in your waistline, giving you the classic feminine hourglass figure. A corset will help you get a timeless, womanly look that will certainly turn a few heads wherever you go. And whatever your figure is like, a corset will accentuate your shape.

Waistcoats and corsets with a contemporary twist

Although gothic corsets and waistcoats are inspired by Victorian design, those available here have a contemporary twist.These pieces and the other women’s gothic corsets and waistcoats at Gothic Angel offer you the best of old and new, so that you can look awesome in your alternative ensembles. Just take a look at the remarkable items right here and complete your cult collection with some flattering, feminine fashion pieces.

Whether you are a hardcore goth who wears nothing but black or someone who likes to enhance their wardrobe with some stylish gothic statement pieces, the waistcoats and corsets at Gothic Angel can kit you out perfectly.